靴下の形は角度を変えて見てみるとハートの形によく似ています。「ソックハート」と名付けられた不思議な形の靴下のマークは、靴下づくりに関わる私たちひとりひとりの「はくひとおもい」を表現したNISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITAのシンボルです。

is a Japanese sock company established in 1950.

We are dedicated to creating products that provide incomparable value to our customers. Under our concept “Hakuhito omoi”, we are meticulous about selecting only the finest quality of natural materials, sophisticated designs, and knitting patterns all within a reasonable price setting.
We take pride in our long-established history that is the foundation in crafting our high-quality and timeless products.
Take an image of a sock; slightly rotate it so that it resembles the shape of a heart.

Every single person who is involved with NISHIGUCHI  KUTSUSHITA has dedicated their mind and soul into creating our line, “Sock Heart”. We are passionate about our concept, “Hakuhito omoi”, which means, “thinking of the person who will be wearing our products”. That is why our company logo is a sock resembling the shape of a heart.